A 45-hour Course of Italian: how much can you really learn?

Are you planning to start a Course of Italian but you are struggling against your limited spare time and your numerous commitments? No worries, if you are motivated and well-organized it’s going to be a win-win decision.

At Design Your Language we created a 45-hour Italian Course for total beginners specifically tailored to your basic needs. It’s a very useful and practical Foundation Course that will enable you:

  1. to effectively interact in a restaurant or bar with waiters or bartenders;
  2. to ask information about places you want to visit in case you get lost in the city;
  3. to learn vocabulary about clothing and their prices while shopping in the city of fashion and design;
  4. to understand your real estate agent when negotiating the best price to rent or buy your new apartment in Milan.

 You may be wondering: “What can I learn in 45 hours? Which outcome can I really attain with this kind of course?

With 45 hours of lessons and, at least, 10 hours of homework you can learn a minimum of 1.000 words and 100 key sentences that can really make the difference. Obviously it’s not enough to cope with everyday situations in Italy, but for sure, as an ancient Italian idiom explains: “Chi ben inizia è a metà dell’opera!” (“Well begun is half done!”). 

At Design Your Language you can build the basis of your learning; we can provide you with a method that will help you to set your own goals and manage your learning process on a weekly basis. Moreover, we can suggest you to use specific didactic tools and links specialized in digital teaching.

At Design Your Language we are ready to teach you, to support you and to inspire you. 

Are you ready to start?

Claudio Consiglio, Founder and Coordinator