Alp Akkus16th September 2021
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Language learning is hard but Claudio's classes were so fun, it became a natural process. He cares about his students and shows that he cares.
Ezgi Eylul Atay14th September 2021
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Claudio is a fantastic teacher. We took lessons as a group of four and he really cared about each of us. I passed my Bocconi exam with a full grade after taking lessons from Claudio for a year. I would highly recommend him as a teacher..
Yagmur Kulcur7 September 2021
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I have been taking Italian lessons from Claudio since the beginning of the pandemic. With his help, I progressed surprisingly quickly and passed my Italian exam at Bocconi. His lessons were always fun and engaging. Also, he paces the class just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. I am glad I chose Design your Language for my Italian journey and I would recommend it 100%.
Mert Yılmaz Kocagil6th September 2021
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I've studied with Claudio for more than a year now and I must say even I can't believe how much I have improved my Italian in a very short time. From zero to almost B2 now! Besides all he can offer academically, he has a truly student-centric way of working which was one of the key factors that helped me to learn, participate and share more. It was ensuring to know that you were studying with someone who knows what's he doing. So it was a great pleasure to meet and study with such a smart and sweet person.
Uygar Egilmez14th July 2021
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Mr Consiglio was really kind and professional in his lessons. I have been taking lessons for 1.5 years and my Italian skills increased dramatically. He helped us also with the Bocconi Italian exam. Also, he helped us to improve our Italian speaking as well as writing. Thank you, Claudio!!
Caner Sirmen13th July 2021
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I started to study Italian when i came to Milano for my university education. We have made considerable progress in two years even in the middle of a global pandemic thanks to Claudio’s efforts. He is a wonderful person and a great teacher!
Ceren Mutlu12th July 2021
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I started learning Italian with Claudio as a beginner about 1.5 years ago. Since then, my Italian improved a lot, and lessons with Claudio were always fun. I was looking forward to attending classes and learning Italian. He is always kind, fun, friendly, encouraging, and helpful. We started our lessons in person, but with the Covid-19 pandemic, we switched to online classes. Thanks to Claudio, the studies were the same, and they were not interrupted. In June, I passed my Italian exam at Bocconi with a high score, but I will continue to learn Italian with Claudio! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Italian while having a lot of fun and making a lifetime friend!
Yaklaşık 1,5 yıl önce başlangıç seviyesinde Claudio ile İtalyanca öğrenmeye başladım. O zamandan beri İtalyancam çok gelişti ve Claudio ile dersler her zaman eğlenceliydi. Ders aldığım süre boyunca, derslere katılmayı ve İtalyanca öğrenmeyi dört gözle bekledim. Claudio her zaman kibar, eğlenceli, arkadaş canlısı, cesaret verici ve yardımseverdi. Derslerimize yüz yüze başladık ama Covid-19 ile birlikte online derslere geçiş yaptık. Claudio sayesinde dersler sekteye uğramadı ve aynı kalitede eğitim almaya devam ettim. Haziran ayında Bocconi'deki İtalyanca sınavımı yüksek bir puanla geçtim ama Claudio ile İtalyanca öğrenmeye devam edeceğim! Çok eğlenirken ve bir arkadaş edinirken İtalyanca öğrenmek isteyen herkese tavsiye ederim!
Leyla Jalili28th June 2021
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I started taking italian lessons at Desing Your Language about 1 and a half years ago. Since then my italian has improved tremendously and it has been a great experience working with Claudio Consiglio. He has helped me greatly with the Bocconi italian exam. I would highly recommend taking lessons at Design Your Language.
Claudio’dan pandeminin başından beri İtalyanca dersi alıyorum. Onun sayesinde çok hızlı ilerledim ve Bocconi’deki sınavımı geçtim. Dersleri çok eğlenceli ve düzeyinize uygun bir şekilde yapıyor. Design your Language’i seçtiğim için mutluyum ve herkese yüzde yüz öneririm.
Vsevolod Strizhevskii16th June 2021
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I started learning Italian as a complete beginner in February and I was able to pass B1 exam at my university with a high score by the end of may. I really liked lessons with Claudio and Sara and I think they are very good teachers. I would recommend this school to anybody who wants to learn Italian!
Я начал учить итальянский в феврале, а в мае я уже смог сдать экзамен по итальянскому на уровень В1 в моём университете и получить высокую оценку. Мне понравились уроки с Клаудио и Сарой, и я думаю, что они очень хорошие учителя. Я бы рекомендовал эту школу всем, кто хочет выучить итальянский!