Have you ever done a job interview in Italian?

Useful vocabulary: How to do a job interview in Italian

One of the most coveted skills to acquire when learning a foreign language is undoubtedly the ability to do a job interview. Here are a couple of questions and useful answers/vocabulary to effectively describe yourself. If you are interested in getting more detailed information and practice your Italian for your next job interview in Milan, please contact Design Your Language and join our Conversational Italian Course starting on next June 18th.

Può descrivere il suo carattere con 4 parole?

Can you describe your personality using just 4 words?

Useful vocabulary:

CREATIVO/A – (creative)

AFFIDABILE – (reliable)

AMBIZIOSO/A (ambitious)

APPASSIONATO/A – (passionate)

EMPATICO/A – (empathetic)

RAZIONALE – (rational)

DETERMINATO/A – (determined)

AUTOREVOLE – (authoritative)

Sono una persona principalmente CREATIVA e RESPONSABILE, ma anche AMBIZIOSA e APPASSIONATA.

I am mainly a creative and reliable person, but I am also ambitious and passionate about my job.



I am empathetic and rational, but I can also be determined and authoritative.


Quali sono i suoi punti di forza e di debolezza?

Which are your strengths and weaknesses?

Useful vocabulary:

CAPACITA’ DI LAVORARE IN GRUPPO – (ability to work in a group/teamworker)

CAPACITA’ DI TROVARE SOLUZIONI – (problem-solving capacity)

SCARSA CONOSCENZA DELLE LINGUE – (poor knowledge of foreign languages)

IMPULSIVITÀ – (impulsiveness)

I miei punti di forza sono la CAPACITA’ DI LAVORARE IN GRUPPO e di TROVARE SOLUZIONI in tempi brevi.

My strengths are the ability to work in a team and the problem-solving capacity.

I miei punti di debolezza sono la SCARSA CONOSCENZA DELLE LINGUE e l’IMPULSIVITÀ.

My weaknesses are the poor knowledge of foreign languages and impulsiveness.


Claudio Consiglio, Founder of Design Your Language