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We are a group of experienced language teachers with a solid background both in private/public schools and universities. Someone calls us “language designers” because we are constantly looking for new teaching methodologies and shaping our hypotheses aimed at improving our students learning process.
Experimenting and creating new didactic materials for our students is a never-ending activity and we strongly support the use of teaching and learning technologies, such as self-study platforms, educational videos and social networks.

5 good reasons to choose DESIGN YOUR LANGUAGE

Too many students in your classroom?

This won’t happen at DESIGNYOURLANGUAGE! This is the reason why we limit MINI-GROUPS to 5 students or one-on-one lessons. This improves and speeds up the learning process, as well as making it easier.

Grammar is boring and difficult for you?

We believe it is possible to learn grammar unconsciously while speaking and listening. We use special teaching techniques based on GAMES and view the classroom as a playground both for children and adults. This helps our students to relax and have fun while learning grammar.

Looking for personalized courses?

Taking into consideration our students’ needs and requests is a crucial point for DESIGNYOURLANGUAGE. That’s why we learn both in the classroom and outside of it, ON THE ROAD to be more specific. Our students really appreciate this, because the best way to learn a language is in real life.

Something more than standard language courses?

Design, music, films, art, photography and cooking are integrated into our language courses. You never get bored during our classes. You are likely to meet new friends or interesting people for your business.

Looking for future opportunities in Milan?

DESIGNYOURLANGUAGE is like a BRIDGE connecting students not only to teachers, but also to artists, architects, journalists, designers and linguists.
DESIGNYOURLANGUAGE is not only an opportunity to learn a new language, but also provides opportunities to meet professionals from all over the world. It means you will expand your horizons and will get involved in new cultural scenarios.


  • positive review  Üniversitedeki derslerle asla italyancamı geliştiremiyordum. Design Your Language ile ders almaya başladığımdan beri çok yol katettim ve Bocconi Üniversitesi italyanca sınavımı geçtim. Sınavı geçmeme rağmen derslere devam ediyorum. Bireysel olarak gelişimimizle yakından ilgileniliyor, kesinlikle tavsiye ederim.

    Selin Ergüven Avatar Selin Ergüven
    11 September 2020

    positive review  I started taking lessons in Design Your Language only four months ago. But thanks to Claudio Consiglio and his amazing team right now I can easily communicate in Italian. I also had the chance to continue my lessons online during the lockdown period. If you want to learn Italian with amazing teachers whose lessons are fun, educative and at the same time interactive I would definitely suggest Design Your Language. You will not just learn the Italian language but also its culture. 😊 ———————————————————————————— Design Your Language ’den sadece dört ay önce ders almaya başladım. Ancak Claudio Consiglio ve muhteşem ekibi sayesinde şu an rahatça İtalyanca konuşabiliyorum. Ayrıca karantina döneminde de derslerime online bir şekilde devam etme şansım oldu. Eğer İtalyancayı dersleri hem eğlenceli, hem öğretici aynı zamanda da interaktif olan öğretmenlerden almak istiyorsanız kesinlikle Design Your Language ‘ i öneririm. Sadece İtalyanca öğrenmeyeceksiniz aynı zamanda İtalyan kültürünü de öğreniceksiniz.

    Zeynep Bora Avatar Zeynep Bora
    21 July 2020

    positive review  I started taking Italian lessons in Design Your Language in February. Claudio and the team do a great job with both online and in-person lessons. I was at the beginner level when I started and in only 4 months my Italian improved a lot and I passed the exam of my university with a very high score. The lessons are highly interactive and team is very helpful and supportive. I definitely recommend Design Your Language for Italian learners! ———————————————– Design You Language’de ders almaya Subat ayinda basladim ve 4 ay gibi cok kisa bir surede Italyanca seviyem cok gelisti. Hem online hem sinif dersleri oldukca interaktif geciyor. Claudio ve diger ogretmenler cok yardimci ve destekleyiciler. Milano’daki Turk ogrencilere kesinlikle tavsiye ederim.

    Alara Uzunkol Avatar Alara Uzunkol
    11 July 2020
  • positive review  The Italian lectures I took at Design Your Language helped me learn Italian from scratch in the time-span of only two semesters. I did both in-class and online lessons with the teachers and improved my Italian tremendously. They helped me reach and surpass my goal of passing the Italian exam at my university, which I passed with flying colors at the end. I would highly recommend their language courses for Italian learners of all levels! ========================================= Design Your Language’dan aldığım dersler sayesinde sadece iki dönemde İtalyancamı sıfırdan B1 seviyesine getirdim. Hem online, hem de yüz yüze derslere katılma şansım oldu ve Italyancam inanılmaz bir derecede gelişti. Okulumdaki İtalyanca sınavını geçmeyi hedeflerken gayet yüksek bir not almamı sağlayan bu kurumu Milano’da okuyan Türk öğrencilere öneririm.

    Efe Gülay Avatar Efe Gülay
    19 June 2020

    positive review  Claudio Consiglio is an amazing teacher. I have been studying with him for a year now and my italian has improved tremendously. I strongly recommend his language school! His close relationships with students is also very appreciated 🙂 ————————————————– Milano’da yaşayan Türk öğrenciler için çok tavsiye ettiğim bir öğretmendir Claudio Consiglio. Kendisi çok disiplinli ve düzenlidir. Bir yıla yakın süredir kendisiyle çalışıyorum ve italyancam çok gelişti.

    Ecem Sonmez Avatar Ecem Sonmez
    17 June 2020

    positive review  Design Your Language’i bana Türk bir arkadaşım önerdi. Bunun üzerine Şubat 2020’de Claudio’dan ders almaya başladım, derslere hala devam ediyoruz. Yeri Porta Romana’da, Bocconi bölgesine epey yakın. Gerçekten işini bilen, sıcakkanlı ve bomba bir öğretmen. İsterseniz kısa süre içinde uzun yol katedebileceğinizi düşünüyorum. Herkese öneririm. 💥💥💥

    Zion Lacroix Avatar Zion Lacroix
    8 April 2020
  • positive review  Claudio, the teacher, is not only helpful in terms of language but also teaching you the culture of Italy. After the experience with many international students, Claudio understands how Italian language and culture work differently from your own. I had a great time studying at his studio and learning about Italy.

    Jalee Lee Avatar Jalee Lee
    31 May 2019

    positive review  I highly recommend Design Your Language in every way, from its modern studio in an excellent location, the welcoming and fun learning atmosphere to the engaging teaching methods used. Every class is enjoyable and I leave feeling like I have learned something new and a desire to learn more at home and at my next class. One of the key benefits for me is ability to ask questions in English which not only helps me learn Italian but to gain a better understanding of the language. DYL offer a wide variety of learning options including 1-1 tuition, small group lessons and Skype sessions. I am looking forward to continuing my studies with Claudio and the team.

    Chris Burns Avatar Chris Burns
    1 April 2019

    positive review  I am happy to work with DYL and Claudio. He is very good teacher and i had a great progress with him.

    Emma Baruh Avatar Emma Baruh
    18 February 2019
  • positive review  ive been attending some italian classes in universities but this one feels more right and easy. empathy is what i see as a good key to learn a language better. i have tried some lessons here and it was really amazing and fun time.. if i decide to live in italy i guarantee to study again with this studio

    Jayson Ramirez Avatar Jayson Ramirez
    18 December 2018

    positive review  I surely recommend design your language if you are seeking to learn a new language in a fast and efficient manner! It has been very helpful for me and the teacher is very knowledgeable of the languages and has a very calm and interesting method of teaching students! Special thanks to claudio!♥️♥️

    Dana M. Hammoud Avatar Dana M. Hammoud
    13 December 2018

    positive review  Design Your Language fits studying in Milan perfectly as a concept. The school meets the requirements of anyone who is looking to work, study and moreover learn Italian in one of Italy’s most dynamic and interesting cities. This school can put your learning on the right track for your short-term and long-term goals. Good luck! Get designing your language!

    Kevin Beetlestone Avatar Kevin Beetlestone
    23 August 2018
  • positive review  Italienisch lernen war hier immer ein besonderes Erlebnis in besonderer Atmosphäre. Claudio ist immer sehr um uns Schüler bemüht. Die Lektionen werden an das individuelle Sprachniveau angepasst. Mit Diskussionen über aktuelle Themen, italienischen Songs und italienischer Literatur wird Italienisch lernen zu einer Freude! Bravo!

    Kathi Scheidt Avatar Kathi Scheidt
    23 August 2018

    positive review  Studying here is a great option when learning a new language since they adapt to the level of proficiency that you are currently in with great flexibility, in that way you can get better in less time!

    Victor Ro M Avatar Victor Ro M
    22 August 2018

    positive review  Un’esperienza unica perché personalizzata, con insegnanti che riescono a motivare e a guidare gli studenti con naturalezza e professionalità. Complimenti a Claudio 🙂

    Alessandra Vitali Avatar Alessandra Vitali
    16 August 2018
  • 5 star review  Un piccolo laboratorio linguistico nel cuore di Milano, in cui sentirsi come a casa! Tra giochi, video, canzoni, letture e conversazioni, imparare una nuova lingua diventa facile e divertente! Provare per credere! �

    Laura Scarlino Avatar Laura Scarlino
    18 July 2018

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