Indoor and outdoor learning: from theory to practice.

When we learn a new language we inevitably have to cope with several obstacles and challenges.
The first one is accepting the “interlingua”, a transition phase where we struggle to imitate and reproduce communicative structures as best as we can. We normally have better results within a safe place like a classroom, but when it comes to using a foreign language in real life we often let our emotions get the better of us or have memory loss. How can we overcome this frustrating situation?


At DesignYourLanguage we organize after lesson outings twice a week, so that our students have the opportunity to use the language “on the road”, in everyday life. Ordering an ice cream in a typical “gelateria” or visiting a bookstore and asking simple questions to a bookseller, are just some of the outdoor activities we propose to our students. Intermediate and advanced students will visit and interview real estate agents, asking for information about making investments in Milan, or alternatively they will interview actors and designers from Milan and Florence.


From theory inside the classroom to practice outside our Language Laboratory; a challenging and useful experience that can make the difference. At DesignYourLanguage we encourage our students to talk as much as possible in the most diverse situations and, above all, to create their own Italian network. We therefore boost our students’ motivation to learn Italian using a multichannel methodology: indoor lessons, field trips and social media communication.



Claudio Consiglio, Founder of DesignYourLanguage