LEARNING a foreign language in small groups of a maximum of 5 students is our winning formula. Our main goal is to overcome the initial “phase of silence” in a few hours, and increase the students’ talking time as much as possible.
The LEXICAL APPROACH is the teaching methodology we use most frequently, because we strongly believe that a language is not simply a set of grammatical rules. It is made of a combination of words, sayings and idiomatic expressions. Repeating, revising and memorizing all of these elements on a daily basis is also fundamental.
In the LEXICAL APPROACH, vocabulary and grammar coexist, as if they were twins. Through analyzing the chunks of everyday language, students are encouraged to discover grammar and vocabulary as they speak and listen. This is much more engaging than memorizing a fixed set of grammatical rules.
The FOCUS of our lessons is on the text, around which we develop teaching units and didactic materials. Before presenting a new topic to the students, we create a framework by using flashcards, short videos and key words.
WATCHING several VIDEOS during our lessons is a common approch for designyourlanguage. Role-plays and games are the next steps to create a relaxed and cooperative atmosphere.